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Many of the pieces featured in Hearthstone were originally created for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game which you can view by clicking on the above logo. All the art featured in this gallery was created specifically for Hearthstone.

Visit http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Alex_Horley to view more Hearthstone cards featuring art by Alex Horley.

World Of Warcraft™ and related characters, names and distictive likenesses are ™ and registered™ of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.™ Both in the U.S.A. and other countries.


Rock Master Voone, a Troll with a huge mohawk, belts out a song into a microphone, wearing leather and the classic sparse metal plating of the Horde. He wears face paint, and his microphone has an axe blade at the top, with a hole underneath it for his hand to grip. There are fireworks bursting behind him.

Rock Master Voone

The Troll, Rock Master Voone shreds his guitar in the Blackrock Mountains, with a volcano erupting above him. On both sides of the frame are massive stone speakers, and rocks burst up from the ground as he plays. His guitar looks more like an axe, with a horned skull at the top of the neck and a huge blade serving as the bottom of the guitar. Black dragons breathe fire behind him.

Blackrock 'N Roll
Rocker Rokara, an Orc, points forward, presumably towards a crowd, with a chained, axe-like guitar slung over her shoulder and held in one hand. She wears horde leather and spikes, and seems to have a friendly smile on her face as she calls into the crowd. Behind her are the craggy mountains of Durotar, and a peaceful sky.

Rocker Rokara
Boneshredder, a Pandaren death knight, viciously shreds his guitar, making the metal horns sign in his unoccupied hand. Skull-like spirits emanate from his bladed guitar as he plays. He wears the imposing metal armor of a death knight, and his guitar has a skull with wings at the top of its neck.

Cage Head, a Forsaken, plays a bladed guitar as lightning crackles in the background. On his head is a large, locked cage, with a cutout for his face. He has glowing eyes and his long tongue is stuck out far, like a classic 80s rocker. He wears sparse metal armor and leather, partially covering his pallid flesh, and the neck of his guitar is thick and bony.

Cage Head
The Murloc Rotgill emerges from an icy pool alongside two of their brethren. Rotgill has huge eyes and uneven fangs, and holds a trident made of ice, and has pallid, unnatural skin. In the background is a sculpture and architecture covered in windblown ice.


Nexus-Champion Saraad, an ethereal, is made of glowing energy, wrapped in loose bandages and armor, as is his steed. He holds a lance crackling with lightning, with Saraad and his horse standing amidst an icy Northrend tournament ground.

Mage Hero Portrait
The Lich King, in full armor, stands atop a snowy outcrop with Frostmourne in hand. His cape flows to the right of the frame, with Icecrown Citadel standing stoically in the distance, shrouded in fog. Arthas' armor is festooned in icicles, skulls, and shapes reminiscent of a ribcage.

Arthas, The Lich King
Base Hero Portrait
Arthas, the Lich King, raises a gauntleted hand, shown without his helmet. His hair blows in the wind and he glares forward with icy determination. He wields Frostmourne in his right hand, and he stands near the pinnacle of Icecrown Citadel, with a spiraling, iced-over staircase behind him. His cruel armor is rimmed with shining metal.

Arthas, The Lich King
1000 Win Hero Portrait

Overseer Frigidara, a human mage, conjures bolts of wild, icy energy above her head, as her cloak flutters amidst the storm. Behind her is a frozen, windblown landscape.

Overseer Frigidara

Zovaal the Jailer sits threateningly in a throne with his mace in hand. He wears a metal collar, gauntlets, a belt, and ragged pants.

The Jailer

Lord Marrowgar, a beast made of bones, with 4 skull heads and spiny, empty wings, cleaves into the ground with his two-handed axe. The ground erupts with bone spikes and icy cracks. Within his ribgcage is a glowing mass of energy, flowing into his heads, and he is surrounded by faint cave walls shrouded in icicles.

Lord Marrowgar

The black dragon Sinestra rests, guardian her eggs with her arms crossed in front of them.

The Mercenaries

The black dragon Sinestra flies upright, midair, looking off to the side. She has visible, glowing claw marks across her chest.

The Mercenaries

The black dragon Sinestra faces the viewer dead on, her claws stretched above a field of dragon eyes. Her wings are spread, and the multicolored eyes of the old gods can be seen covering their surface.

The Mercenaries

The Venthyr, Lady Darkvein, stands in front of a shelf filled with old tomes and blood-red potions. Smoky magic billows from her clawed hands, suspending a runed book in midair.

Lady Darkvein

Tea Master Theotar sits in a luxurious throne, gazing at the viewer, holding a cup which stares at the viewer as well. Theotar wears no clothing above the waist, wearing simple brown pants otherwise. His cup, appearing to be gold and ivory, has a mischievous look in its eyes, with its mouth open slightly, and one cup-rim eyebrow raised.

Tea Master Theotar

Sinrunner Blanchy, a ghostly horse, gallops through a foreboding woodland. Gnarled branches and sharp, leaning trees are in the background, and Sinrunner Blanchy has her eyes narrowed. Her body is mostly transparent, with her glowing red, ghostly form partially visible, showing powerful musculature.

Sinrunner Blanchy


World Of Warcraft™ and related characters, names and distictive likenesses are ™ and registered™ of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.™ Both in the U.S.A. and other countries.