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Many of the pieces featured in Hearthstone were originally created for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game which you can view by clicking on the above logo. All the art featured in this gallery was created specifically for Hearthstone.

Visit https://hearthstone.wiki.gg/wiki/Alex_Horley to view more Hearthstone cards featuring art by Alex Horley.

World Of Warcraft™ and related characters, names and distictive likenesses are ™ and registered™ of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.™ Both in the U.S.A. and other countries.


Akali, a Drakkari Rhino, yells into a microphone on a stand, and cracks the stage with his massive hooves. He has the deeply creased, rough skin of a rhino, a green mohawk on his back, and is otherwise covered in flowing white fur, showing his age and distinction. On his sides are four blocks of a stony stereo system, and the top of his head and back are lined with horns that are dark at the tips. He has a spiked bracelet around one foreleg and one horn, with chains around his other foreleg, and tattered leather clothing around his body. Behind him are glaring stage lights and small bits of debris.

Akali, Rock Rhino
Arid Atrocity is an amalgam with the hulking frame of an Earth Elemental, and many body parts from various Battlegrounds minion types. Large streams of sand and rocks fall from his body as he rises from the desert. He has the head of a Dragon, with a metal jaw, tentacles and reptilian frills around his head, demonic horns on his back, a single bat wing, one hand with a giant hook, a Murloc arm coming out of his chest, and tentacles for his lower body. Circling his huge biceps are the metal bands with glowing runes typical of Earth Elementals. Around him is a dense dust storm.

Arid Atrocity
The giant serpent Baku towers above a gnarled forest and mountains, rising up above the moon in the background. Baku's body and finns coil up in the lower part of the frame, shifting tall trees around them, and his body rises in the center of the frame, his mouth open and eyes glowing, facing the full moon. His mouth steams with energy, and aside from his huge fins along the back of his body, he has two frilled fins behind his jaw. In the background is a moonlit mountain range.

Baku, The Mooneater
Dr. Boom pilots a mech in a boxing ring, with a mechanical rocket fist firing off of his mech's right arm. The mech has a large, rotund body and large forearms, with comparatively smaller legs that widen towards the feet. The mech has multiple tentacles rising up from its shoulders, and one crackles with electricity. In the bottom left of the frame is a boom bot, a walking bomb, gazing at Dr. Boom.
Wreck 'Em and Deck 'Em
Genn Greymane, a Worgen, hefts a large one-handed sword onto his right shoulder, his left hand clawed. His piercing eyes look directly at the viewr, and he has a huge coat with the patterning of the Alliance, which is tattered at its lower edges. He has 4 large braids in his beard with golden ornaments, and his sword is engraved with a flowing pattern. He has one foot up on a gnarled branch, and behind him is a Gilnean city, with the moon rising above his shoulders.

Genn Greymane
The Hateful Hag is an undead ogre with a single horn, who flies through the air, reminiscent of a witch, holding a wooden stick with both hands. Her pose makes it appear like she is rowing through the air, and the stick is perhaps used for churning butter. She sits inside a large barrel, suspended in midair. Her eyes are glowing, and she is wearing a short shawl around her shoulders with a golden bracelet on her right hand. In the background is a twisted treeline and bats flying above, enhancing the witch-like imagery.

Hateful Hag
The Grave Narrator is an undead human wearing a fancy, but decaying suit in a candlelit crypt, reading from a book and grinning at the viewer. Their eyes are glowing, and they have tufts of wispy white hair growing from their head. They sit on a metal throne with a plush cushion, and the arms of the throne have carved, dragon-like arms. Atop the throne are a few melting candles. In the background is a torch, cobblestone walls, and a drapery of cobwebs above.

Grave Narrator
The Persistent Poet is a mature Emerald Dragon, holding a book in one hand with another hand raised, with his eyes closed and mouth open. It appears he is laughing at what he has just read. He has tiny spectacles atop his snout, and a white beard on his chin. He has four horns, two large wings, and a spined fin running across his underside. He sits on a branch as he reads a humble leather book, and the background appears to be the Emerald Dream, with beautiful plants, misty air, swirling vines and elegant trees around him.

Persistent Poet
Shudderblock is a wooden toy version of Shudderwock, stomping across a creepy woodland floor at night. Shudderblock appears to be rather large, stomping on books and toys while kicking up dust under its feet. Shudderblock has two eyes, two horns, a crest like a fish fin, wings, clawed hands, and tentacles around their open mouth. At the connections around their joints, screws are visible inset into the wood. In the background are twisting trees, a wooden staircase, and small hanging lights.

Toyrantus is a toy dinosaur in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, specifically a toy version of Tyrantus. They have a large head, a bandage on their upper thigh, and many of their joints have gaps and segments to indicate that they are assembled out of wood or plastic. They are stepping forward, and roaring with their mouth open. In the background is a sunset and soft grass, with rocky mountains, torches, bushes, and cutout shapes of palm trees behind Toyrantus.
A mechanical version of the Orc Shaman, Hagatha, stirs a bubbling cauldron with a small dragon being dissolved inside. She wears a hood, metal bracers in the shape of rough leather, and has one pauldron visible with a light bulb sticking out of the top.

Hagatha the Fabled
Gunslinger Kurtus is a Demon Hunter wearing a wide brimmed hat, with two curved, sharp horns poking through the hat, as well as long white hair underneath. He holds two pistols with curved, elaborate blades attached to them on the top and bottom, with fel fire rising up from them. He wears a high collar covering the bottom of his face, skulls on his shoulders, and colorful clothing covering the rest of his body. He stands in a windswept desert with a building nearby.

Gunslinger Kurtrus
Slagmaw the Slumbering is a huge creature who is shaped like a salamander, whose body is made up of lava and rock. Lava drips from their mouth and body, and their claws, eyes, and mouth burn especially brightly with lava. Around them is a rocky canyon with a doorway to a mine on the upper right, and a lava flow underneath them.

Slagmaw the Slumbering
Kingpin Pud is a cyclopean ogre in a cowboy outfit, with a wide hat and a cape, looking down and giving the viewer a scowl. He has both of his huge hands on his belt, and on his coat are several mismatched sheriff's stars, with bullet holes through the center of them. He has a gun on his hip, and all of his clothes are riddled with bullet holes, perhaps implying he has scavenged them and the sheriff's stars from fallen foes in a shootout.

Kingpin Pud
The Ravenous Kraken towers above the sea, with a Kvaldir wrapped in its tentacles. The Kraken has four eyes and bumpy, scaly skin. Curtains of water fall from the Kraken's four visible tentacles, and the waves around them are tumultuous, with a storm in the background.

Ravenous Kraken
Maruut Stonebinder is a Tauren Shaman holding a large totem, flanked by two Earth Elementals with flaming heads. His shoulder armor is aflame as well, and he has a crest with a glowing gem in the center of his helmet. He wears a mix of scale and plate armor, and his free hand is clenched into a fist. The Totem he holds is as tall as he is, with two small carved wings at the top. The Earth elementals are made of a collection of floating rocks, and Maruut stands on a lone pillar in a misty canyon.

Maruut Stonebinder
The Titan-Forged Ra-den strikes a dynamic pose, hand outstretched towards the viewer, blasting lightning out of his palm. He wears thick leather armor with an exposed chest, with glowing tattoos. His eye glows like his lightning magic, and behind him is more lightning and stormy clouds.

The two headed Ogre Mage, Cho'Gall, slams a spiked, cylindrical mace into a giant spectral chain, breaking it. He has two heads, as he is an Ogre, and his muscular body has numerous large snake-like eyes bulging out of his skin. Rock like spines appear from his back, and he holds dark, twisting magical energy in his other hand. The ears on his cyclopean head have morphed into fins, and he has an X-shaped scar on his chest. One of his heads laughs maniacally while the other looks forward menacingly.

Cho'Gall, Twilight Chieftain
Hodir, Father of Giants, a Titanic Watcher, towers over an icy landscape, his left arm outstretched in a pointing motion roughly towards the viewer, but high above their head. His skin matches the environment, as if he were hewn from ice, his beard appears to be made of rock, and he wears heavy armor save for his exposed chest and arms. On his belt is a huge, tusked skull with a glowing mouth and eyes.

Hodir, Father of Giants
The Boogie Monster, a tentacled giant with three eyes, dances jauntily in a fancy suit and top hat, holding a cane. He is smiling, and appears very happy. He is lifting the top hat above his head, and orcs, goblins, and blood elves in the audience run away from him as earth and rocks are kicked up. Behind him is a sunset and mountains, as well as a large, indistinct audience.

The Boogie Monster
Octosari, an enormous octopus, wears sunglasses, a red hat, and a gold chain with a Hearthstone symbol, and is holding multiple giant microphones and a boombox, as if he is rapping (or wrapping). Around him is a desert with rocks and sand being heaved into the air from the sheer power of his beats.

Octosari, Wrap God
The Boommobile, a goblin monster truck, speeds over a desert landscape, kicking up bones. It has tires with huge treads, and a spiked maw at the front with a drill underneath it. On top is a flaming rocket, and an articulated metal arm with a spike shooting an icy ray. A boom-bot also stands precariously on the hood, with an expression of surprise. The Boommobile's exhaust vents are shooting out flames, and the ground is curved with an exaggerated perspective to indicate speed.

The Boommobile
The Withered Spearhide is an undead Quillboar in the midset of battle, with their right arm outstretched, having just thrown a spear, visible in the top of the frame, and their left arm holding a bladed spear back, and above their head. Their skin is taut and veined, with many spiked quills poking out like a porcupine. They are wearing tattered pants and wrist wraps, and they are pictured in gloomy moonlight.

Withered Spearhide
A large bipedal demon roars towards the viewer, half crouched and fists clenched, as their body is wrapped in ethereal chains from multiple angles. They have horns, hooves, and three-fingered hands, with sharp fangs and glowing horns.

Round Up the Suspects
A dragon of the Black Dragonflight looks down menacingly, with two trolls held in their hands who are struggling to escape, their weapons dropped to the ground below. Flames are emanating from the Obsidian Ravager's mouth, and they have glowing eyes, four horns, and outstretched wings. The Obsidian Ravager appears to be in a sort of mage tower, with glowing lights, ornate stonework, and crystal balls around them.

Obsidian Ravager


World Of Warcraft™ and related characters, names and distictive likenesses are ™ and registered™ of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.™ Both in the U.S.A. and other countries.