Faster than a speeding torpedoe bullet bra, a good year is fast becoming a great year for Stacy E. Walker. Stacy is joing forces with the mighty Hildebrandt brothers, Tim & Greg, star illustrators of DC Comics, Star Wars, the Hobbit and Sword of Shannara. Together, they are creating a new graphic novel, Superman Last God Of Cripton. Stacy as the new character Cynthona makes her debut in April of 99. Stacy has also asked the Hildebrandt Brothers to create her next cover for Heavy Metal that will showcase Stacy in her second gallery feature for the magazine due in 99.

Stacy has also begun working with Pino Daeni, the reigning king of romance novel illustrators. The first cover Lakota Dawn by New York Times best selling author Janelle Taylor is due out in Hard Cover first in March of 99 and will be released in soft cover in the future. Also due in 99 is the cover of Bachelor For Sale by Janet Wellington. To view these works check the Romance section of the guest area on the site.

Stacy has also begun a series of works with the creative team of Cherif Fortin and Lynn Sanders based in Chicago. Fortin is a model, writer & illustrator and Sanders is a photographer, writer & illustrator who together are creating the next wave in the Romance industry. Stacy will be seen in a various works by this unique team including their second fully illustrated romance book coming in 99. Stacy has been cast as one of the main character in the book which will feature more the 50 magnificent photos and paintings. Look for The Bride Groom by Joan Johnston February 99. And a special series of photographs by Fortin and Sanders will make their debut in the members section only of the official Stacy E. Walker web site. To view some of these pieces and get a unique behind the scenes look at their work together, be sure to visit the Romance Section located in the guest area of the web site.

Stacy was thrilled to being working with comic book icon JOE JUSKO Fortin and Sanders provided the photography for the first project and Cherif Fortin joined Stacy as the male model for the piece. Look for this limited edition cover that uniquely combines Romance and Horror on the cover of the very popular vampire comic book series Crimson. A special piece for Valentines Day for February of 99. A special view of the unique progression from sketch to photo to finished painting of this piece is located in the members area only of the web site. Joe has also invited Stacy to be the model for a painting he is doing for a cover of Heavy Metal Magazine to come out in 99. Joe will also be contributing an additional piece of Stacy to be a featured part of her second gallery currently being put together for Heavy Metal Magazine for 99.

Stacy has also begun a series of works with fantasy artist DORIAN B CLEVENGER. Stacy chose Dorian to act as co-creator on the original characters she has been busy breathing life into over the past year. She hopes to debut close to eight of them throughout the year in the members section of the web site. Several of them will also be part of the up-coming gallery for Heavy Metal Magazine. She plans to finish production on model kits for the characters throughout the coming year. In addition, Dorian will be providing the illustrations for an on going erotic fantasy romance story for the member section of the web site. The story stars Stacy and Cherif Fortin as the main characters. Fortin and Sanders are providing all the photography for the illustrations. The story will also have a musical accompaniment only available in the members area.

Stacy is currently working on all the aspects of her second gallery feature for Heavy Metal Magazine. The gallery will feature paintings by various icons in the fantasy and comic book field. She is also promising some of her most creative photography to date including various artistic pieces by Fortin and Sanders for this feature story as well as the members area of the site. She wants to take her time in putting this spectacular piece together and promise to post the release date as soon as it is available.

Stacy has some great press coverage coming up you won't want to miss. She has been chosen as one of the ground breakers to be featured in the debut issue of NOTORIOUS MAGAZINE published by Puff Daddy. The issue hits the stands March of 99. You won't want to miss Vol. 7 Number 15 of FEMME FATALES MAGAZINE slated for March 26 of 99. The magazine had such an overwhelming response to the small piece they ran in October, they are giving fans and 8 page pictorial and interview including a centerfold.

Stacy is also featured in a full page ad for the KISS AND TELL BOOK SERIES in the March issue of Playboy which hits the stands the first week of February. This issue is a must for all KISS fans.