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Bestiary Character Designs

The Skulltaker leaps through the air with two hatchets made of jawbones raised high. They wear primitive clothing adorned with bones and are letting out a warcry.


Ash'ahand wears ornate robes, jewelry, and a hood, conjuring fiery magic in both of her swirling hands. She wears an opulent golden dagger and a large pendant of a rising sun.


Staggoth appears as a Stag with enormous antlers and a human torso. They wear torn leather around their shoulder and waist, with a brutal dagger in one hand and a wooden staff in the other. They are standing atop a bile of bones with skulls tied to their waist.


The Golmaera is a four legged animal with black fur, and the head of a wolf, bear, and raven, as well as a tail of a snake. Their fur ripples with muscle and all four jaws are open wide.


Ravenous appears like a werewolf, with humanlike claws, a tattered waistcloth, and canine legs. Their head is fully canine, baring their teeth with eyes full of fury.


The Gangrunner is a centaur with a mane of black hair, and wearing the studded leather attire of a biker gang member. They have a tattoo of feathers and skull on their left arm, and they wield a swinging chain. They are charging forward and grimacing menacingly.


The Risen appears to be an armored warrior with red eyes and moss falling from their ghostly armor. They are surrounded by a swirling, smoky aura, their form partially indistinct. They rest both hands casually on a sword stabbed vertically into a pile of skulls.


Ash'ahar is an armored warrior, with cracks in their smoldering armor showing molten energy underneath. They hold a sawlike buckler in their left hand and a curved sword in their right, both held high as if challenging an opponent. Most of their armor is spiked or bladed, with a helmet reminiscent of a samurai's mask.


The Fangwraith is a mass of screaming souls fused together, reaching forward with a single hand. Tendrils of energy radiate from their body, as ghostly skulls with stretched jaws twist and churn.


The Occultist is a muscular woman with long hair and a modern outfit consisting of black leather, bone, and a cloak. Her face has glowing tattoos which match the billowing smoke behind her. Her arms are raised, and she has elongated ears.


The Daggermaw is a reptilian human, with flowing tentacles for hair and a fishnet top. Their clothing includes peals and shells, and the digits of their fingers and toes are webbed and clawed. They wield a spear made of bone and are looking forward, focused.


The Knight Paladin is an older man with long hair and a black cloak covering most of his shining armor, with a pauldron and gauntlet on top of the cloak. He casually rests a two-handed sword on his shoulder, with a huge tome chained to his waist. He appears to be concealing his identity.

Knight Paladin

The Fleshreaver is a goatlike person with a two handed axe, horns, and fangs. They are extremely muscular and stout, wearing a cloth hood, loincloth, and skulls at their hip.


The Magyir is a hyena-like person, holding a crystal ball with a dagger strapped to their hip. They have a thick leather vest, a headband, and an eye replaced with a pearl. They are gazing at their crystal ball thoughtfully.


The Hill Giant appears as a huge, stern man, with a giant hammer and chains wrapped around their wrist which lead to a wrecking ball. They have tools held in their belt, and they stand tall over a covered water well below them, which only comes up to their waist, showing their huge stature.

Quarry Giant

The Soulstalker is a ghoulish person with runes on their chest, with angry spirits trailing out of the runes. They appear angry, all of their muscles straining. They wear a torn vest and thick cloth pants.


The Hydragor is a reptilian, four legged beast, with spiked appendages resolving into multiple tentacles at the digits. They have three necks with fins that terminate in toothy, circular mouths dripping with acid. Their skin appears to be covered in a slick film.


The Malefactor is a green skinned man with thin sunglasses and fangs. They wear a modern dress shirt and trench coat, along with leather gloves and spiked metal knuckles.


The Deathseer appears to be a large, bony head with a single huge eye, spiked teeth, and crackling tentacles hanging below it. The rear of their head is veiny with smaller tentacles upon it.


The Duneback is a massive crab with the vegetation of an entire oasis on their back, undearneath which lies their face with several eyes and spiny mandibles. Sand trails from their claws, as if they have just risen from the dunes, as a warrior on horseback attempts to retreat below them.