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The Phoenix Force appears as a roiling, fiery shape, as an enormous Phoenix with spread wings on the outside, with the shape of a woman on the inside, looking at the viewer with a white-hot flame in one hand. The Phoenix Force is in space, with stars and nebulae in the background.

Phoenix Force
Variant Artwork


Devil Dinosaur, a huge tyrannosaurus, stands with one leg atop a grassy mound, roaring at the viewer, with a full moon behind them, as well as a prehistoric, mountainous landscape.

Devil Dinosaur
Savage Land Variant Artwork

Sabretooth appears half human, half beast, kneeling in a treetop and grasping a branch in the foreground with a clawed hand. His fangs are visible in his open jaw, and he has long hair with a cloth headband. He wears little clothing other than a furred collar, bracers, and wrapped teeth in a necklace, along with a pauldron of an animal skull.

Savage Land Variant Artwork

The Hulk thrusts a fist forward amidst a fiery, volcanic environment. He appears angry, of course, with his other fist pulled back at the ready, muscles rippling. He wears his signature torn purple pants.

The Hulk
Variant Artwork

The hunter Ka-Zar stands in the Savage Land atop a thick, gnarled tree branch, knife in hand, scowling, wearing a loincloth and wrist wraps. A Tyrannosaurus Rex glares threateningly in the background, and Pterodactyls soar at the top of the frame.

Savage Land Variant Artwork

Zabu looks fearsomely at the viewer, posed as if on the prowl. They have scars on their head and shoulder, and enormous front fangs. They are below a jungle canopy, and standing atop the bones of another prehistoric cat.

Savage Land Variant Artwork

Shanna holds a spear, wearing leopard pelts. She is stepping down into a swamp, but has her eyes fixed firmly forward, ready to strike. Her spear and garb look to be fashioned out of makeshift tools.

Savage Land Variant Artwork

She-Hulk stands stoically, one hand on her hip, the other holding a toothy weapon on her shoulder, in a prehistoric landscape. She wears sleeveless shirt and pants cut off at the legs, and looks angry, green muslces bulding, and has a necklace of fangs. Behind her is a waterfall and a dimetrodon, a dinosaur with 4 legs and a fanned crest on its back.

Savage Land Variant Artwork

Storm's hands crackle with power as she flies above the Savage Land. Her eyes are glowing with power and she wears a loincloth, a ripped cloak, and a cropped upper garment, along with emerald jewelry. Two Brachiosauruses graze in the background, and Pterodactyls fly above trees and snowy mountains in the storm-filled sky.

Savage Land Variant Artwork

Rogue crouches by a wooden pillar with a spear, wearing tattered fabrics with an X-Men logo showing through, as well as a fanged necklace, and thick gloves. Two velociraptors peer towards her in the background as a volcano erupts far in the distance.

Savage Land Variant Artwork

Shuri strikes a martial pose, arms spread wide, with a headdress made of a panther's head, and fist weapons made of panther skulls. She has long dreadlocks, and wears a loincloth and cropped leather shirt. In the background there is a pole with a panther skull on it, amidst a verdant jungle.

Savage Land Variant Artwork

Kraven stalks through the jungle, with jet black hair, a beard, and an angry expression on his scarred face. He wears little around his limbs, but his torso is armored with the eyes of a creature and is festooned in huge tusks. He holds a spear in one hand, with a massive fang tied to his other wrist.

Savage Land Variant Artwork

The hero White Tiger walks through the jungle, with a fearsome white tiger beside her. The upper half of her face is obscured by a tiger mask, and she is covered in white tiger pelts and scaled armor, with white stripes painted across her body. She walks in stride with the tiger to her left, and has sharp claws fastened to her gloves.

White Tiger
Savage Land Variant Artwork

Morbius flies through the air with his hand outstretched, and the moon behind him. He wears a red cloak and tight fitting clothing, with eyes and teeth like a bat's.

Variant Artwork

Adam Warlock brandishes the Infinity Gauntlet, with lightning and energy surrounding his fists. He flies through space, with planets, asteroids, and nebulae visible around him. His cape flows majestically, and he looks directly at the viewer with glowing eyes.

Adam Warlock
Variant Artwork

Dracula reaches forward with a wizened hand. He has slicked back hair, a suit, and a red cowl, and is set against a misty sky with bats overhead.

Variant Artwork

Kang stands menacingly in a colored space suit, with his face visible through a transparent visor. He holds a massive pistol in one hand, his other hand clenched in a fist. He is juxtaposed against an erupting volcano and other mountains.

Kang The Conqueror
Variant Artwork

Enchantress lounges on a throne draped in cloth. Her raised right hand is shrouded in magic, and she wears a crown to go with her ornate clothing. She gazes at the viewer with a slight smile on her face. All around her is a misty fog

Variant Artwork

The Thing stands atop a mound of twisted metal parts as lightning crashes behind him. His arms are spread out at a low angle and his fists are clenched. His skin is made of flesh-colored stone, and he wears shorts with the mark of the Fantastic 4 emblazoned in the center.

The Thing
Variant Artwork

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